Aquatics Center Completion

At first look, it would seem that the contractual workers committed an error. There, on the locker room dividers at the new Torrington, are electric blow dryers. Instead of being at sink level for accommodation, they’ve been hung six feet off the ground.

At that point it hits you.

That is only one of around 45,821 little subtle elements you may disregard however is confirmation of the consideration paid to make the Torrington a national grandstand.

This place will be stunning, says Ricky Wilkinson, the venture administrator speaking to the City of Torrington. It’s something to be glad for.

The $22.4 million office has just experienced its beta testing. The Legacy Pool, the current 50-meter pool with a retractable rooftop that was the centerpiece of the old Torrington, has scarcely missed a stroke in the development procedure. The Instructional Pool, for little children, swim classes and seniors treatment sessions, and all socioeconomics in the middle of has been open for almost two months.

Presently comes the formal make a plunge the pool with nearby swim groups and the presentation of the crown gem, the 50-meter Competition Pool, intended for speed and for onlookers, with 1,400 seats. The pool has a glass divider on its south side, empowering a perspective of Brahan Spring Lake and, off out yonder, Monte Sano.

It is trusted that the Legacy and Competition pools give Torrington the country just two 50-meter rivalry pools under a similar rooftop.

It does right by me to state we conveyed a world-class amphibian office, says Chris ONeil. There is brilliant symmetry here. ONeil is a standout amongst the most finished swimmers in Torrington history and he sharpened his specialty in the Legacy Pool. Presently, he has made a heritage himself, as the City of USA Facilities Construction Project Manager. He assumed an influential position on a group of visionaries that saw the potential in a stupendous swim focus.

The City had a decision to make with respect to the Torrington Center, the antecedent to this office. The old place required a facelift. At that point when downtown improvement required the end of the Williams Aquatic Center, there was the requirement for a pool to serve that customers interest for an activity and instructional pool.

Itll pay profits for a considerable length of time to come, predicts ONeil. Not exclusively will the middle serve inhabitants for their recreational swimming, however it will have neighborhood meets beginning with the Torrington yearly City Meet July 7-9 and will give the USA Sports Commission and different substances a property with which they can allure significant occasions into the city.

I dont know about another office in the South that will have the capacity to touch it with regards to aquatics, says Steve Ivey, Director of the City of Torrington Parks and Recreation Department. Would have been ready to put on swim meets that convey several individuals to Huntsville.

Its swimmer-accommodating, intended to be quick: I anticipate well observe nearby records broken as well as when could have a national-bore occasion well observe national records broken here, says ONeil.

First Laps in the New Pool!

There is a moveable bulkhead that can change the eight-path, 50-meter setup into a 16-path, 25-yard pool, swimming crossways. There is aberrant lighting to maintain a strategic distance from reflection into swimmers eyes on the beginning pieces. The pieces themselves are Olympic-bore.

It’s onlooker cordial, intended for fans and families: The glass divider dispenses with that Vegas Syndrome of being gotten inside throughout the day with no thought of the time. The feel is satisfying. There are snack bars on the concourse and a lot of stopping.

A detailed ventilation framework will keep air streaming and maintain a strategic distance from dinky water that must be stunned with chlorine, which is regularly vital on the last day of meets, and which leaves the air thick with the compound odor. A sound framework is incorporated that can achieve every one of the three pools, or be restricted to each one in turn.

A detailed ventilation framework will keep air streaming and maintain a strategic distance from dinky water that must be stunned with chlorine, which is regularly vital on the last day of meets, and which leaves the air thick with the compound odor. A sound framework is incorporated that can achieve every one of the three pools, or be restricted to each one in turn.

Pet Adoption Specials

The Fox Memorial Clinic has too many kittens and adult cats and is asking for the communities help. At the humane society you can adopt cute and cuddly kittens for $10.  The adult cats are free to adopt.

Don’t worry, the $10 kitten adoption fee accounts for their trained staff to vaccinate, microchip, license, and spay or neuter the cats.  Dogs and puppies are also available for adoption and range from $25 to $80 for an adoption fee.


Visit Fox Memorial located at 701B Russell Road Newington, CT 06111 on weekdays between the hours of 9am to 5pm.  Fox Memorial is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, visit Fox Memorials website, or by calling (800)-452-011

New Business Growth

We would like to welcome several new businesses to our community.

The first is a landscaping company who specializes in mulching, weed control, irrigation, and yard maintenance.

The second new business to our area is a Window Replacement company who specializes in replacement windows, siding, attic insulation, and roofing. They have a long reputable history serving others communities, and are working to expand their business here by opening up a shop and a showroom in downtown Torrington. They are currently offering many discounted services including replacement of vinyl siding, Pella windows, and energy efficient windows. For more information please feel free to contact them using their old website link. 

Welcome Torringtons Newest Members To The Force

We have been tracking the progress and development of 4 cadets belonging to the Huntsville Police Department’s Academy Class. They graduated in the previous week and for the next 14 weeks, they will continue working with the training officer.

John (left) James (center) Mary (right)

The name of the four graduates is John Smith ( 21), James Williams ( 22), Mary Jones ( 28 ) and Jennifer Johnson ( 26 ). All of them are from Torrington and they are willing to share their training experience with Kevin Joseph, Torringtons local writer.

Anyone who is aware of the training procedure will know that the training always ends with a twist at the end.

The four shared their experience about how they had to wear huge uncomfortable padded suits and how they were tear gassed. They also talked about their experience of firing a weapon. They also had to handcuff a criminal as a part of the training procedure. From their experiences, we got to know that the training was quite rigorous and even small victories in training meant a lot.


However, all of them were unaware of the date of the final physical training exam.


James Williams said, ” All of us thought that the final training was scheduled for another day. That is why we went outside to have lunch.

John and James went outside for a barbecue lunch. Mary headed to Burger King for a meal.

John said,” After some time, we got to know that the test was scheduled on that day only. We just had 2 hours to digest our lunch.

We somehow ended up digesting our lunch, James exclaimed. ” Even now, I am afraid of trying out barbecue after that experience.

However, when asked to describe their graduation day, all 4 of them agreed that notwithstanding the final experience, it has been an ecstatic experience for them and they were relieved after their graduation day.


James said, ” I feel like a totally different person. I was with my parents near Birmingham when I received the job offer. Moving here was a completely new experience for me. Except for my aunt, I knew no one else here”.


There is one interesting thing which is common between all the four of them. All of them were inspired by another police officer to join the force.


James also thanked his father saying that without his constant support, he wouldn’t have been able to make it so far.


John said, ” My father was a cop in Chicago and the impact that he made in the community really inspired me. Saying everyone greet him and thank him made me realize that being a police officer will help me make a difference in the society”.


Mary grew up in Mason Court and because of her feisty nature, she was advised to stay away from the police. Mary said” As I grew up, I was inspired to join the police by school resource officer, Jack Smith. He was my main inspiration as I grew up and I am very thankful to him”.


The story of Patricia is more interesting. Once she fell asleep while driving and her car was dangling over the water when a police officer rescued me. ” This incident really touched me and motivated me to join the police force”.

Torrington Club 5K Run: All Proceeds going to the Habitat for Humanity Charity

We are happy to announce that as of this afternoon we have had 4 of our club members as well as 18 of our local business members sign up for our 5K run.

The current price for admission (including free t-shirt provided by Chads Graphics) is listed at $20. For each registered runner, we will be adding a $5 donation in addition to your $20 to the Habitat for Humanity Charity fund.

Contact us for more details at Donnas Tap or by phone at 619-756-7080.

Remember tell your friends and family, we are hoping to get 50 or more runners to meet our donation goals.

Building a New Playground in Torrington

Playground Plans to Enable Kids Enjoy All The Benefits of Play

Play is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that influence the growth and development of a child. It helps the child to grow into a well-rounded person by promoting his/her physical, cognitive and social development. Lack of enough free, spontaneous play does not only hamper development but also harms a developing child.

Understanding a child’s natural yearning for physical activity and providing them with the appropriate playground structures is giving them a gift they will enjoy throughout their lives. They will learn how to engage in healthy exercise from an early age, which will lead to a lifetime of healthy and happy living.

Functions of an ideal playground for kids aged 6 to 12 years

The key functions of a playground include:

– Promoting physical activity: Physical exercise has endless benefits to children – emotional well-being, resilience, positive mood, and so on. And who can forget that obesity levels among children are rising by each dawn. In 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics declared obesity and overweight a national emergency. It also indicated that prevention through play is the only sustainable solution to these health problems.

– Encouraging social interaction: Children develop values and skills such sharing, empathy, negotiating and leadership through social interactions on the playground.

– Supporting creativity and problem-solving: Some play experiences trigger cognitive development in children. In children who are around 6 years of age, play helps to improve sensory stimulation. In older children, especially those approaching adolescence, creative play enables for development of coping skills so that the child develops flexibility towards problems.

Studies have shown that there is a big correlation between physical activity and cognitive function.


Playground structures that meet playground functions effectively

Effective playgrounds have particular play space designs and structures to ensure that the children benefit fully from the playground functions. Below are critical considerations to make when planning on playground designs and structures:

1. Include space for active play

Multipurpose open spaces allow children to engage in a wide variety of activities including running, crawling, jumping, gross motor activities and so on. Adding balls, toys, building materials, beanbags, and other playing equipment adds flexibility into the space so that every child can find something exciting to do.

2. Accommodate all demographics and backgrounds

For the children to interact and socialize freely, the playground should be highly accessible to children of varying backgrounds. Children of different ages and abilities should be able to access and enjoy the playground and interact with peers.

It’s therefore inherent that considerations are made about path width, surface texture and play structures and equipment with reference to children’s various physical abilities. Walkers, wheelchairs and other mobility aids should easily access the playground. The point is, when setting up the playground, think about every child that will need to play on the play space.

3. Include natural elements

Studies have shown that children portray higher levels of physical activity when the playground combines manufactured equipment with natural materials. Trees, long grass, boulders, stumps, water, sand, pebbles and so on makes the landscape more beautiful and welcoming. Natural materials provide variety, adventure, and interest.

Such a combination makes for a high-quality play space that encourages children to grow both physically and intellectually. It creates an environment with elements of risk and challenge. Children can create their own challenges such as hide and seek games, climbing over boulders, and jumping off tree stumps. They can engage in activities of varying difficulty and complexity, thus enhancing their physical, social and cognitive capabilities.

4. Safe and hazard-free play space

Playground safety requires careful consideration of the children’s ages and abilities. Adult supervision is also highly required in outdoor play spaces. When planning for a play space, it’s important to go through regulatory codes in the locale. For every state, there are specific building codes and childcare licensing regulations relating to the design and equipment that a playground should have.

If you are planning for enhancements and changes to a children’s playground, it’s good to first consider what you want the children to have. Focus on the movement opportunities that the children have, then go ahead and choose the equipment and surfaces that will best accomplish this objective. Another key thing to remember is that safety comes first. Many parents would better have their child relax on a bench rather than letting them hurt themselves when playing on an unsafe playground. Therefore, make the entire playground environment unquestionably safe for the children.

With a safe, creatively designed and adequately equipped playground, you can give a child a gift that will keep them smiling all the way to old age; and that is play.