New Business Growth

We would like to welcome several new businesses to our community.

The first is a landscaping company who specializes in mulching, weed control, irrigation, and yard maintenance.

The second new business to our area is a Window Replacement company who specializes in replacement windows, siding, attic insulation, and roofing. They have a long reputable history serving others communities, and are working to expand their business here by opening up a shop and a showroom in downtown Torrington. They are currently offering many discounted services including replacement of vinyl siding, Pella windows, and energy efficient windows. For more information please feel free to contact them using their old website link. 

Welcome Torringtons Newest Members To The Force

We have been tracking the progress and development of 4 cadets belonging to the Huntsville Police Department’s Academy Class. They graduated in the previous week and for the next 14 weeks, they will continue working with the training officer.

John (left) James (center) Mary (right)

The name of the four graduates is John Smith ( 21), James Williams ( 22), Mary Jones ( 28 ) and Jennifer Johnson ( 26 ). All of them are from Torrington and they are willing to share their training experience with Kevin Joseph, Torringtons local writer.

Anyone who is aware of the training procedure will know that the training always ends with a twist at the end.

The four shared their experience about how they had to wear huge uncomfortable padded suits and how they were tear gassed. They also talked about their experience of firing a weapon. They also had to handcuff a criminal as a part of the training procedure. From their experiences, we got to know that the training was quite rigorous and even small victories in training meant a lot.


However, all of them were unaware of the date of the final physical training exam.


James Williams said, ” All of us thought that the final training was scheduled for another day. That is why we went outside to have lunch.

John and James went outside for a barbecue lunch. Mary headed to Burger King for a meal.

John said,” After some time, we got to know that the test was scheduled on that day only. We just had 2 hours to digest our lunch.

We somehow ended up digesting our lunch, James exclaimed. ” Even now, I am afraid of trying out barbecue after that experience.

However, when asked to describe their graduation day, all 4 of them agreed that notwithstanding the final experience, it has been an ecstatic experience for them and they were relieved after their graduation day.


James said, ” I feel like a totally different person. I was with my parents near Birmingham when I received the job offer. Moving here was a completely new experience for me. Except for my aunt, I knew no one else here”.


There is one interesting thing which is common between all the four of them. All of them were inspired by another police officer to join the force.


James also thanked his father saying that without his constant support, he wouldn’t have been able to make it so far.


John said, ” My father was a cop in Chicago and the impact that he made in the community really inspired me. Saying everyone greet him and thank him made me realize that being a police officer will help me make a difference in the society”.


Mary grew up in Mason Court and because of her feisty nature, she was advised to stay away from the police. Mary said” As I grew up, I was inspired to join the police by school resource officer, Jack Smith. He was my main inspiration as I grew up and I am very thankful to him”.


The story of Patricia is more interesting. Once she fell asleep while driving and her car was dangling over the water when a police officer rescued me. ” This incident really touched me and motivated me to join the police force”.

Sponsoring a Foreign Exchange Student

Cultural differences, language and miles sometimes make us feel worlds apart. However, when you decide to welcome into your home an international exchange student, you quickly discover they become family.

Hosting a foreign exchange student over the summer comes with benefits for both the hosting family and the student. You both will learn how “worlds apart” could, in fact, be very close together through experiences and conversations at home, school and community.

Students acclimate to a new environment through such living situations, learning about a new culture and practicing a new language. They experience immersions in a foreign culture in a safe and affordable manner. Their parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe home and well cared for while they live in a foreign country.

Hosting international students can also bring many benefits to the host families. Families may choose to host a foreign exchange student for various reasons: to forge friendships, to provide a learning experience for students from another country, and to exchange cultural insights. Some host families exchange students every year, fact that denotes that the experience is a good one.

Here are more benefits a hosting family may enjoy when opening their home to a foreign exchange student.

1. Expand your family’s horizons

Housing a foreign exchange student is a great option for a family that wants to provide for their children a flexible, open and expanded worldview. Since these international students want often to learn during their stay as much as they can about the host’s culture, many of them are also happy to discuss their own cultures and countries with their host family. This can open a whole new perspective for your children and help them see the world in a new way. Your children will learn to accept and respect the cultures and peoples of the world. You will introduce your family to new music and foods, a new language, and an entirely new culture. As you share experiences with someone from across the globe, your family will gain a new perspective, seeing the world with fresh eyes.

2. Send your own children to study abroad

By taken part in a hosting and student exchange program, many host families open the possibility that their own children are placed in other countries. This way, it becomes much easier to send your own children to study aboard.

3. Help a student reach his/her potential

Watching a person develop, grow, and succeed in life is a great reward for your efforts. By providing hosting to a foreign exchange student you help that person to reach their potential. You can feel proud for your role as a host for international students in helping young adults or teens grow and develop.

3. Earn extra income

You may also receive a compensation for hosting an international student. This way, you can earn an extra income for your household. This also ends up being a better financial option for visiting student’s parents because it costs them less than they would pay for living expenses and pricey dorms.

4. Expand your family

Through the foreign exchange student you can build lifelong friendships with someone from across the globe.

5. Make a difference

By hosting an international student, your support the cultural awareness and diversity in schools and throughout the community.